Euro Plus Chicken Cage

Cage Eyes
The partition wires are designed to allow circulation of light and air.
and the 7º inclined base wires allow the eggs to be easily placed on the egg collection belt.
allows access. Dividing the cage eyes with the eyes at the back, intermediate partition
It is provided with wires. Cage covers can be easily opened and closed in a horizontal position.
is working. Cage compartments are 62.5 x 60 cm (capacity for 9 chickens). egg strings
2 pieces of 3 mm thick twisted reinforcement wire are attached underneath.

Irrigation System

“PVC” Pipes Passing Across the Cage from the Middle Part of the Cage Partition Side Sheets
There are 2 Nipples on it. “V” Water Discharge Trough Passing Right Below
It prevents water from reaching the Fertilizer Belt. Water from the network is compatible with the reservoir
It is sent to “PVC” pipes under pressure. There is a reservoir on each floor. Irrigation
Long-lasting fasteners with increased sealing ability in our system
is used.

Feeding System

Truck feeding, which is an ideal feeding method preferred in the poultry industry.
Our system distributes the feed equally and hygienically to the feed troughs with the designed feed distribution apparatus.
while ensuring that it is delivered safely and quickly.
It prevents overflow and prevents feed waste. The mechanism of our feeding system
Fully automatic and semi-automatic by means of rope, with engines ranging from 0.75 to 2 hp.
It works automatically. Our feed buckets are made of galvanized sheet metal with bolts and rivets.
are combined and brought together. Feed silos vary depending on cage capacity
to the feed carts through spiral screws passing through pipes of 107 and 127 diameters.
It is distributed perfectly. Our mangers; Equal amounts of appropriate mixed feed are placed on each floor.
It is designed to reach outside without spilling. At the beginning of our feeding system
The freezers are kept under control via control switches. of the system
At the end there are control connections and the electrical panel for these connections.

Manure Discharge System

The manure is located under each layer and extends along the cage to the discharge belt.
It is transported by POLYPROPYLENE (plastic) fertilizer belt. Movement in transport
It is provided with gearmotors. Manure with scrapers available on each floor;
The manure at the end of the chicken coop is delivered perfectly to the discharge conveyor.
To prevent contamination from fertilizer splashes on the back of the cage.
A protective curtain has been placed. The carrier rollers in the heads are specially designed
It is rubber coated. 1 class in control panels used in the fertilizer delivery system
material is used.


It aims to make our cage easier to use by dividing it into two. Platform 2.50 mm
Manufactured using thick expanded metal. Platform cage eyes and
It aims to control animals more easily. Between blocks and back areas
A platform has been built.

Digging Area

The scratching rug is made of hard plastic in size 35×35 cm. Made of hard plastic
The scratching carpet is disturbing to the hen and prevents her from laying eggs in this section.
It prevents. To prevent manure from accumulating on the digging carpet, a round
There are holes. There is a gizzard box on the scratching carpet. chicken gizzard
He satisfies his natural urge to scratch by digging through the stones and sand he takes from his box.

Roosting Area

There is 15 cm of roosting space per chicken. Let chickens roost comfortably
It is designed to provide. Evenly distributed pressure under the chickens’ feet
It aims to enable chickens to listen on a safe roosting area.

Curtained Nest

There are 2 nesting boxes in each compartment so that the chickens are not disturbed while laying eggs. nest
It is closed with a flexible curtain.

Nail File

Embossed nail abrasive on the inside of the breastplate for filing the chicken’s nails
Featured is a nail file. 4 nail files in each cage compartment
There are.

Cage Construction

Strut Thickness: 2.00 mm
Partition Wire Thickness: Ø 2.00 mm
Feed Chute Thickness: 0.70 mm
Chest Pad Thickness: 0.60 mm
Feeder Feet Thickness: 1.50 mm
Side Sheets (Tape Bearings): 1.00 mm
Rail Sheets: 2.00 mm
Cage Heads: 3.00 mm
Base Wires:Ø 2.00 mm
Cover Wires:Ø 5.00 mm
Partition Wires: Ø 2.00 – 4.00 mm
Upper Wires:Ø 2.00 mm

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