SYS-01 AQUA MAKER – Evaporative Cooling for Paper or Plastic Pvc Panels

PVC Frame Evaporative Cooling Pad System

  • Easy Installation
  • Includes an internal water tank, no need for external water tank
  • The floating system allows automatic water refilling when the water level falls
  • Adjustable length and height due to its modular structure
  • The pads can be easily installed and uninstalled due to the special lock system
  • In systems up to 18m, the pump is installed in the head section. In the middle for longer systems.
  • System includes a drain valve for cleaning at the end of cycle.
  • The pumping system has a capacity of 0.37 kW 12 m3/hr in systems up to 36m.
  • PVC raw material is anti-UV loaded
  • Completely rustproof system
  • More durable than alternative metal frame cooling systems as it is completely made of plastic.
no need extra tank

AQUA MAKER is a modular PVC Evaporative (CelDek) Pad Gutter Frame System designed for poultry cooling and greenhouse cooling systems. It is an innovative evaporite (CelDek) pad frame system with minimum installation needs, simple to maintain, and easy to replace cooling pads. There are no metal frames that are rusted in an outside environment. The bottom gutter contains enough water  and no longer required to use an external water tank. System can be installed to any pad dimensions or length, and all installation accessories are found inside the Aqua Maker Boxes.


PVC Plastic Frame

Closing Edge

The specially designed interlocking structure ensures that the system is securely assembled.

PVC Plastic Frame

Floating System (External) 

The special floating system can be installed anywhere in the front of the system if it is required.

PVC Plastic Frame

Sprinkling System

It allows the incoming water to filter and flow down onto the pads (honeycombs). With this system, equal wetting is provided in the pads.

PVC Plastic Frame

Bottom Gutter (Tank)

Water is stored in the bottom gutter (tank). This component eliminates the need for another water tank in the system. It has a capacity of 30 liters of water per meter.

PVC Plastic Frame

Top Bracket

Allows the system to be opened from the top for easy maintenance. Thus, the pad sheets (honeycombs) are simply removed for cleaning and/or replacement.

This extends the lifetime of the cooling pads.

PVC Plastic Frame

Deflector (Top Hat Profile)

Prevents the entry of foreign materials into the overall system.

PVC Plastic Frame

Floating System

The floating system keeps the water level in the bottom gutter constant, which reduces water waste.

Stainless Steel Support Legs

They are the support legs that allow the system to be installed on the wall or panel.

PVC Plastic Frame

Bottom Gutter Side Cover

Additional piece that supports the lower groove part of the system from the sides and provides closure

PVC Plastic Frame

Bottom Gutter Drain Outlet

Drainage part that allows the water accumulated in the lower gutter to exit

su pompası

Water Pump

It is the equipment that adjusts the pressure of the water in the operation of the system and allows it to pass through the pipes.

0.50 HP – 1.5 HP options are available.

Single-phase and three-phase options are available.

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