Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

Small text files stored in the web browser directory or program data subsections are called cookies. Cookies have functions such as tracking the movements on the website used, being able to continue from where you left off on the site, remembering registered login information, preferences, theme selections and special functions.

For what purpose is it used?

In order to provide users with customized services in line with their needs while receiving service from, the user information in the user interface of the website must be remembered and recorded. Whenever users visit the website, their internet browser sends cookies to this website; Thus, the website recognizes the user and provides ease of use by remembering information such as user preferences.

Types of Cookies Used and Why? Functional Cookies are used on the site. For example, the user’s preferences such as language and country selection are saved and a special service is offered to the user at the next login. Web beacons or tracking cursors are used to measure the number of visitors, and Performance Cookies are used to monitor the number of individual users on the site and the frequency of users accessing the site. Analytical data is also kept on in order to understand the efficiency of the content and the interests of the users. This information is used for statistical purposes. In addition, various Advertising Cookies are also available on the website according to users’ preferences.

How to Control Cookies?

When users access the web address, they accept that the cookies listed above may be placed. Users can control and edit cookies in various ways. If users block or delete cookies, website usability may be affected and there may be difficulties in using some services.

How to Block Cookies?

Browsers provide the opportunity to see the cookies on user devices, delete cookies one by one, or block cookies from certain websites or all websites. If the user deletes cookies, their preferences will also be deleted.